Choosing the right Substance Abuse Treatment program is an important step in your recovery. We are here to help you get all the information you need about different types of rehab and rehab programs. Hopefully, with the right information and any guidance you may need from us, we can help you choose the perfect program to get your life back on track. Learn more below.

How do you know if you need substance abuse treatment?

There is not a single way to tell if you need substance abuse treatment. However, there are several signs that may point to it. If you are losing control of your life or have lost control, then it is obvious you need addiction treatment. There are more subtle signs such as:

  • Not being able to quit when you want to
  • Severe Cravings
  • Lapses in responsibility
  • Dangerous choices
  • Problems with relationships
  • Problems at work
  • Loss of interest in life
  • Increased tolerance

What types of substance abuse treatment are available to me?

The process is the same, but programs can differ. The process always starts with detox, then rehab, then aftercare. Rehab facilities can be either inpatient or outpatient, and these rehab facilities can offer a multitude of different programs. Once you choose a facility and complete detox then you have several treatment programs you might go to. Here are a few:
  • Residential rehab
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Dual diagnosis support
  • Pet-friendly therapy
  • Non-12-step care

What is the best substance abuse treatment program for me?

There isn’t a single right answer for everyone, but here are things to consider when deciding what is right for you.  Everyone has their own circumstance to deal with, their own needs, and their level of addiction. There is not really a right or wrong answer.

If you are religious then maybe a 12-step program will work for you, if not then a non-12-step program may be best. If you have a high level of addiction and are concerned about relapse then inpatient rehab is likely the best choice. If you need flexibility and have a stable home life and solid support system then outpatient rehab programs could be a good choice.

Many rehabs have different options for activities and amenities, those are things to consider, because being comfortable is important, and building your interests and healthy habits are important for long-term recovery as well.

If you are feeling unsure, speak with our addiction treatment specialists to find out more about the different types of rehab treatments and rehab programs that are available. 

Zak’s House in Fallbrook and Northern San Diego California can help you find the best substance abuse treatment for your recovery.

Reach out to us today if you need help finding the best substance abuse treatment option for you. We can get you the information you need and guide you to a great choice. We can also help you understand your payment options and verify insurance. Zak’s House is a premier substance abuse facility in Fallbrook, Oceanside, and San Diego California.


Call us today and one of our specialist can help you get stated and give you the information you need to begin your recovery.

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

1419 Winter Haven Rd.Fallbrook, CA, 92028

We provide a healthy environment uniquely suited to support your growth and healing.

1419 Winter Haven Rd.Fallbrook, CA, 92028
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